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Virtual Slotfest

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Virtual SlotFest

Because of the current social distancing situation many of the slot-car swap meets you know and love have (sadly) had to be cancelled for this year.

We know you need your regular fix of all things slot-car so we are building a virtual SlotFest with opportunities for socialization and occasional special offers from some of the traders that would have been there.

See lower down this page for links to the traders website or other links for the traders building this online community.

Here are the traders -

MRE logo   MRE website

RS slot racing logo   RS Slot Racing

Typhoon logo   Typhoon

George Turner models logo   George Turner Models

Slot track scenics logo   Slot Track Scenics

Dylcom models logo   Dylcom Models

Magnetic Racing logo   Magnetic Racing or  Magnetic Racing buildings

Pete Shepherd historic slots logo   Pete Shepherd historic slots

Pre-wing logo   PRE‐WING

Other ways to contact us -

These are the other ways you can contact, follow or reach the traders and other people using these pages -

Contact Gary Cannell at - MRE via Facebook  or  MRE via Twitter

Contact Colin Spark at - RS Slotracing via Facebook 

Contact Telford Stuart at - Typhoon via Facebook  or  Typhoon via Twitter

Contact George Turner at - George Turner Models via Facebook 

Contact Dave Jessett at - Slot Track Scenics via Facebook 

Contact Dave Coombes at - Dylcom Models via Facebook  or  Dylcom Models via Instagram

Contact Chris Leck at - Magnetic Racing via Facebook  or  Magnetic Racing via Instagram

Contact Pete Shepherd at - Pete Shepherd historic slots via Facebook 

Contact Melvyn Ault at - PRE‐WING website 

We look forward to meeting you all again soon, take care, stay safe.